Global Circle of Light

Many people find acceptance just before they die. They let go. Nothing bothers them. They find peace, and love shines from their eyes. It's a blessing just to be in their presence."

John-Roger, D.S.S.

We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to share this month's HeartFelt Global Network (HGN) Bulletin with all discourse subscribers as it presents a new service, Global Circle of Life, being offered through HeartReach.



Global Circle of Light


     HeartReach is pleased to announce that Circle of Light has now been expanded to include Global Circle of Light. While Circle of Light is the sacred process of holding the Light physically with a person transitioning, Global Circle of Light is done remotely and globally. Anyone trained in Circle of Light is invited to participate.

     This past month we introduced Global Circle of Light in conjunction with Circle of Light for the first time during the transition of a beloved minister living in the USA. It was a wonderful way for loving Light to be held 24 hours a day by our family around the world during his transition.

     How did it work? Global Circle of Light was initiated at the same time as the physical Circle of Light. The request went out by email to everyone around the globe who was registered as being trained and willing to participate in Circle of Light. For those of you who were not able to participate, here is a screenshot of a portion of the completed Global Circle of Light schedule for the transitioning minister:

     Within just a few hours of the email notification, all 72 one-hour slots were filled. When it was extended for 2 more days, and people became familiar with the process, the signups were filled within minutes. So many joined in holding Light during this sacred process. There were many more volunteers who also participated but whose names were not shown, as only the first to volunteer for each hour is shown. Note, there is also a spot for a small loving message below each volunteer’s name.

     Many who participated in Global Circle of Light were moved to comment on the experience. Here are a few representative experiences:


  • “This has been the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I just can say THANKS for the opportunity of being useful for one who is coming back to God's Heart, and to be part of that magnificent moment. God blesses us so generously.” -M.A.


  • “I was holding the light in mediation this morning and it was a powerful experience for me. I am glad that you had let me know. I will be happy to participate in the future as well.” -J.O.


  • “The slots were filled when I went to sign up, however, I held the Light at various times of the day and night. What a blessing!” -C.D.


  • “What a wonderful outreach to have worldwide love and support.” -L.J.


     From now on HeartReach will make Global Circle of Light available for all in MSIA who request it. To initiate the Global Circle of Light process, it is preferred that your local HeartReach Rep who is coordinating Circle of Light contact HeartReach to set it up. If circumstances do not permit that, please contact us directly. Our intention is to make Global Circle of Light available to any transitioning MSIA person who requests it, regardless of whether a physical Circle of Light can be held for them or not.

     Regarding the physical Circle of Light, it is important to have a HeartReach Rep in your area with current names of those who are trained and willing to serve. Whether or not there is a HeartReach Rep in your area, HeartReach will do our best to help and advise.

     If you have been trained in Circle of Light and did not receive the notification to participate with Global Circle of Light but would like to be on the list of those willing to serve please sign up below so that you can participate in the future. 

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    Some of you may not know about the HeartReach Bulletin which now goes out 2-3 times per month. The intent of the HeartReach Bulletin is to make you aware of our family members requesting Light for serious medical situations for themselves or their families, so that you can send the Light, or reach out to them if they’d like—via cards, seeds, emails, phone. Notices of transition and updates to prior medical situations are also part of the HeartReach Bulletin. If you do not receive theHeartReach Bulletin and would like to serve in this way please sign up below.

     Thank you for your participation in connecting and serving our global MSIA family through HeartFelt and HeartReach.

We are One in our loving for one another. 

Sent with much Love and Light,

Skyler Maryl Patton HeartFelt Director and Paul Kaye HeartFelt President